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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am quite disabled with it and I am also profoundly deaf without my hearing aid. My problem was I was trying to help my friends with lifts as I have a car but was struggling through with my arms being sore; really it was too much for me and when I tried to explain this to them I felt guilty for letting them down.

Through E-J's advice and help and the Bach remedies (Centaury often) I was able to be assertive and tell my friends that as much as I wanted to help them, when I was very sore, I was better not driving at all. I don't feel guilty anymore and it feels like a weight has lifted from me. Also she helped me cope with my hearing loss, to come to terms with it and not be shy to tell people that I have hearing problems and would they mind speaking up or looking at me when they talk. I am less isolated as a result. EJ is exceptionally good at her job and the Bach flower remedies are amazing.

                                                                                                                      (Sarah, aged 69, June 2018)

‘I visited EJ to help me get through a stressful time and to cope better with mild teaching anxiety that has been plaguing me since I started 8 years ago. The remedies that we discussed and benefits fitted me perfectly and I was able to handle the annual stressful family visit much better than I normally would have. I had patience, calmness and actually enjoyed their visit. I also don’t spend all day Sunday worrying about Monday’s lessons and have much more confidence in my ability.’

(Matthew, aged 41, June 2016)

‘I have been seeing EJ for just over two years now, initially as a case study client during the final part of her training and then ever since.  I have a longstanding illness and have become better at managing symptoms and looking after myself, partly just by acknowledging my moods and what I want rather than solely focusing on recognising physical symptoms. I feel more aware of myself, with more clarity around emotions and thoughts. I tend to intellectualise everything and be very ‘in my head’ so have learnt a lot by identifying and then pinpointing my feelings. Layers have gradually peeled away. I immediately felt very comfortable around EJ. Her presence is insightful and pragmatic; the atmosphere contemplative and non-judgmental. Looking back over previous remedies has been helpful too, and EJ’s listening has helped me to see patterns and progression that I wouldn’t otherwise have observed. I’ve enjoyed reading remedy guidance and interpretations, and now often use the remedies as shorthand to identify interior states.  The repetitive aspect of taking the remedies has also been a useful anchor. Compared to when I started seeing EJ I feel calmer, more capable and in control, and things in general are more achievable.’

(Vanessa, aged 24, October 2015)

‘I honestly don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for EJ and Bach flower remedies. I used to be extremely shy, unhappy with my life and terrified of social situations, but since I started taking these drops I've felt myself grow out of that awkward phase and into a much more confident person. Not only do I no longer dread meeting new people and being put on the spot, something which really used to make me miserable, the Bach Flower Remedies have also helped me cope with exam stress and generally handle things a lot better. EJ is so friendly and always makes me feel comfortable no matter what issue we are discussing; I'm really grateful for how much she's helped me.’

(Sarah, aged 16, February 2015)

‘Emily-Jane's deep knowledge of the subtle powers of the remedies and her care in selecting remedies for treatment bottles is just wonderful. The treatment bottles she made up for me were incredibly helpful during a time of trauma and change. I will always turn to Emily-Jane and BFRs when I need specific or general emotional support.’

(Lucy, aged 34, April 2015)

‘EJ has introduced me to the Bach Flower Remedies and I’m grateful for that as they are helping me on a daily basis. Having to use them 4 times a day makes me drink more water which is always good! I’ve recommended EJ’s treatment to my daughter too and we both enjoy these sessions very much. We trust EJ and it’s easy to open up to her and discuss our feelings, having a “me-time”. She is friendly but professional, a good listener and gently encouraging, asking good questions and choosing well what flowers will give the best helping hand. I can highly recommend working with EJ.’

(Anna, aged 41, April 2015)

‘Emily-Jane’s service to me has helped me manage my mental health when I was most distressed, feeling insecure and potentially unstable and needing someone to talk with. She selected remedies with me in the most caring and attentive way being both understanding and sensitive to my needs while professional. I couldn’t begin to say how much these sessions have meant to me and all done by telephone! I now recommend Bach Flower Remedies to all my friends and family!’

(Marion, aged 65, May 2015)

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