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About Bach Flower Remedies

Prepared from trees, bushes and wild plants, the remedies help stabilise emotional and psychological issues within people which may in turn also be the cause of physical disease. Feelings such as loneliness, jealousy, exhaustion, insecurity, apathy, indecisiveness and fear can lower the body’s immunity.The remedies can bring about a calming and soothing effect removing these feelings and thereby allowing the body to heal itself. Simple to use, the remedies have shown themselves to be effective time and time again when chosen and applied correctly.

The remedies work on an emotional level to balance negative emotions, giving support and nurture in difficult and trying times, helping develop positive strengths, and bringing out attractive personality traits.

Even if you are not familiar with Bach Flower Remedies, you may be familiar with some of the ready mixed crisis formulas on the market, the most common brand being ‘Rescue Remedy’. All of these ready made crisis formulas consist of five of the flower remedies. Most chemists in the UK stock the crisis formula even if they don’t stock all the other remedies. The crisis formula is used to help alleviate daily anxieties, exam nerves and trauma following accidents, shock or bereavement. (NOTE: The crisis formula – or Rescue Remedy – is not meant to take the place of emergency medical treatment. In all instances requiring proper medical attention, a competent doctor should be notified immediately.)

Aside from the crisis formula the full range of remedies can help with many other aspects. For a complete list of the 38 remedies and their uses please click here.

How safe are the remedies?

The remedies are completely natural, safe and gentle for use by all the family. They do not contra-indicate with any other medicines. Usually the remedies are preserved in grape alcohol (brandy), but stock remedies bottled in a mix of glycerine (80%) and water (20%) are available through the Bach Centre.

During the past 70 years many healthcare practitioners, doctors and homeopaths have found remedies to be very helpful to adults, children and animals and since Dr Bach’s day the remedies have spread worldwide. Many people select their own remedies as they are so simple to use and readily available over the counter. Many more use them under the guidance of practitioners. The Bach Centre runs courses all over the world to train practitioners. Nurses from the Britain and the US can study the remedies on affiliated courses, and many universities now offer courses on the remedies. 

For a complete list of the 38 remedies please click here.

To read about Dr. Bach please click here.

Quotes from professionals

(taken from Vlamis, G., Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue, Vermont, 1986)

“If I had to pick only one set of remedies of all the many systems of healing in the world, I would choose the Bach Flower Remedies alone... They have in some way a subtle effect on the inner self.”

C.K. Munro, MB, BAO, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

“I use the Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy in ninety percent of my practice, both before and after most dental procedures. I especially find them effective after surgery and reconstructive work and in easing the patients’ trauma and stabilising their condition”

Maurice Tischler, DDS, Woodstock, New York

“I have prescribed these remedies to well over two thousand patients and have found them to be of immense help in overcoming the negative emotional and mental states that seem to afflict us all.”

Abram Ber, MD, Phoenix, Arizona

“They are therapeutic agents I would never be without.” 

Alex Forbes, MD, FRCP, formerly member, Expert Advisory Panel on Traditional Medicine, World Health Organisation

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About Bach Flower Remedies
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