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Dr Edward Bach was born in 1886 and brought up in Moseley near Birmingham.  He studied medicine in Birmingham and then University College London, working from 1912 as a doctor at University College Hospital.

Bach’s own health story was miraculous. In 1917 he suddenly collapsed, while working on hospital wards treating injured soldiers. He was operated on, had a tumour removed but was given only three months to live! He outlived this prognosis by nearly 20 years, dying peacefully at his home (pictured left) in 1936.

It was after this health scare that, while woking at the London Homeopathic Hospital, he opened his own private Harley Street practice where he worked in bacteriology and pathology. Here he focussed on researching chronic intestinal disease and developed vaccines for seven different types of bacteria  all of which had positive results on patients. Over time he came to the conclusion that the character and emotions of a patient made a huge difference to how they recovered from illness and therefore that bacteria were not the sole cause of disease for people. He noticed that if there were two patients with the same physical condition, their recovery would vary depending on their emotional and mental state. Rather a patient’s emotional state greatly affects the ability to heal. It was this belief which influenced his future work.

In 1928, believing that negative emotions could be alleviated by the positive vibrations of plants, Bach went in search of the correct plants to aid recovery of illness and began systematically combing lanes and hedgerows in England and Wales. By 1935, a year before his death, Dr Bach had completed his research.

For more information on Dr. Bach’s life, please visit the Bach Centre website.

Mount Vernon, Sotwell, Oxfordshire, 
home of Dr Bach between 1934 and 1936
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