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Consultations, Costs and Contact


In-Person Consultations

Initial Consultation (lasting between one and one and a half hours). This includes a personal bottle of remedies and book about the remedies: £35.00

Follow up consultations (lasting between half an hour and one hour). This includes a personal bottle of remedies: £25.00

Telephone Consultations

Initial Consultation (lasting between one hour and one hour and a half). This includes a personal bottle of remedies, book about the remedies and postage and packing: £40.00

Follow up consultations (lasting between half an hour and one hour): This includes a personal remedy bottle and postage and packing: £30.00

The above prices are negotiable, particularly if you would struggle to pay the full amount being unemployed or low waged.

Bespoke remedy bottle only

I can make up a bottle of your choice for £8.00 to collect or for £13.00 to be sent by first class post. All bottles will be made up with 5ml grape alcohol as a preservative and mineral water unless you stipulate otherwise. Please email bachflowershealing@gmail.com or text/ring me on

07787 557 400 to place orders.


Please email me by clicking here or telephone me on 07787 557 400 to arrange a consultation.

Consultations and What to Expect

I practise from my home in Hanover, Brighton. We have two cats, so, if you have an allergy, please let me know so that I can organise to see you at local treatment rooms. Alternatively we can have a phone consultation and then I can post a treatment bottle to you. The remedies are safe and gentle and have been used throughout the world with great success by doctors, complementary health practitioners and in families. It is worth bearing in mind that the remedies usually come in grape alcohol (brandy), but for anyone wishing to avoid alcohol it is possible to buy stock remedies bottled in a mix of glycerine (80%) and water (20%) through the Bach Centre. We can discuss this at your first appointment so don’t let the preparation of the remedies put you off!

Note It is important to remember that the remedies are not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Should symptoms persist, you are advised to consult your GP.

Your first consultation will last for approximately an hour to 90 minutes. (This first session is longer to allow time for an introduction to BFR and for me to gain a thorough understanding of how you are feeling at the moment.) It will take place in a safe and peaceful space, where we can chat to identify key emotions you are currently experiencing. This will help us choose together, the most appropriate mix of Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) for you. Usually this will be between one and seven remedies. You will now have a bespoke treatment bottle of remedies. I will also give you a sixty-page booklet, with further information about Dr. Bach and the flower remedies.

You will most likely have finished your treatment bottle within 3 weeks. We will then have a second consultation, if you feel this is appropriate. This and any other sessions will last between 30 minutes and an hour. Your second treatment bottle will probably be different to the first, as, during the three-week period, emotions will normally shift to reveal other underlying issues. During our sessions together there will be many opportunities for you to ask questions you may have about the remedies.

Dr Bach was very keen that as many people as possible should learn about the 38 remedies. So, part of my job is teach you how to select and use them. I can also show you how to mix a treatment bottle so you can do this for yourself eventually when you feel confident in selecting remedies.


There are buses from Lewes, times can be accessed here https://bustimes.org/services/122-lewes-cooksbridge-barcombe but ultimately there would be much more freedom coming by car. You will be able to find free parking somewhere near the house.

There is no waiting room so please don’t arrive early for your appointment unless you have organised this with me in advance.

Access: Fully accessible with a ramp up to the front door.

Cancellation Policy: Please give me 24 hours notice or the full fee will be payable unless there are mitigating circumstances.

I have professional liability insurance with Balens Limited, Worcestershire. 

Bach Flowers Healing

bachflowershealing@gmail.com                                                                 Bach Flower Practitioner:  Brighton, Sussex